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Hayley Brown
Environmental Management and Protection Major

Hayley Brown
College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences




Last spring, when I accepted my offer of admission from Cal Poly, I knew in my heart (as cheesy as it sounds) that I picked the right school for me. I knew it then, but I’m sure of it now.

Two weeks before my high school graduation, I went to Mexico on what was to be my last medical mission trip with the Flying Doctors of Mercy. Long story short, on my way to the medical clinic, the plane crashed. I, along with the other two passengers, miraculously survived. Because of a head injury and multiple physical injuries, I needed to be in therapy during the Fall 2012 quarter (or what was to be my first quarter at Cal Poly).

Winter 2013 was my first quarter at Cal Poly. I think saying it went well would be an understatement. It went fantastically. I was overwhelmed by all of the support I received from staff and the gracious welcome I received from all of my peers. I joined ASI student government and was appointed freshman representative of ‘The Mustang Way’ committee. I earned a 3.3 GPA and became a part of the ‘Transitions Learning Community Honor Society.’ I joined clubs such as the Earth, Soil, Water Conservation club and the Surfrider club.

I know that the only reason I’m succeeding at Cal Poly today is because of everything mentioned above. The sense of community I feel is so strong and the opportunities available for students to succeed, learn and grow are endless. I’ve only been on campus for two quarters now and I can already say that I love my school. And this is just the beginning- I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what my next three years as a Mustang holds.

YouTube video from a speech in Communications 102 class:

Coms 102 Speech posted on You Tube Pringle
English Major/Political Science Minor
Alumni-Spring 2012

Brendan Pringle
College of Liberal Arts


An activist at heart, Brendan Pringle has left an indelible mark on Cal Poly through his writing and leadership. Starting as a political columnist for the Mustang Daily in January of 2010, Brendan contributed several “Viewpoint” articles to the county-wide San Luis Obispo Tribune regarding campus and local political issues, and has become the Managing Editor of Green Living Press, a green lifestyle blog. In his junior year, he studied abroad at the CSUIP center in Florence, Italy, where he learned Italian and co-coordinated the Society of St. Thomas More, a Catholic youth group. While abroad, he was elected President of the Cal Poly College Republicans. As President, he revived the club with widely recognized activities each quarter. Under his leadership, the CRs celebrated Freedom Week (with guest speaker Mason Weaver), brought New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter in February, and hosted The Cosby Show’s Joseph Phillips in May. With the support of organizations like YAF and CBLPI, Brendan brought intellectual diversity and an increased political dialogue to campus. His weekly conservative columns highlighted thought-provoking issues ranging from free speech to diversity to the defense of human life. In the past year, YAF recognized him as a Club 100 member, and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) inducted him into their exclusive Prometheus Society for his work in addressing free speech on the college campus.

Over the last quarter he edited a book entitled, The Abyssinian Christianity: The First Christian Nation?, set to print this summer. Sponsored by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals and former Secretary of State to the Vatican, this groundbreaking book underlines Ethiopia as the first Christian nation and the last Christian empire. All the while, Brendan has worked as the marketing director of his family’s small businesses—Pismo Bob’s Hardware and Valentina Inn & Villas.

Brendan graduated this spring with a BA in English and minor in Political Science. He has accepted a full-time paid internship for the summer at Energy Guardian in Washington, D.C. through the National Journalism Center.  Brendan now brings his enthusiam for student activism and intellectual diversity to the Young America's Foundation as a development officer at their Santa Barbara-based Reagan Ranch Center.


Daniel Galvan
Sociology Major/Spanish Minor
Alumni-Spring 2012

Daniel Galvan
College of Liberal Arts



While attending Cal Poly, Daniel has dedicated much of his time to student and professional organizations that open the doors of higher education to racial and ethnic minorities, as well as low-income students.  Illustrations of Daniel’s involvement in community-based organizations include being a co-founder of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (Avid) program at both Laguna Middle School and San Luis Obispo High School, a  Gates Millennium Scholars Foundation Ambassador, and a Hispanic Scholarship Fund Ambassador.  At Cal Poly he participated in the Pre-collegiate Symposium; the Partner’s Program; as a MultiCultural Center (MCC) Diversity Advocate; as a PolyCultural Weekend Committee member, as well as served on the Inclusive Excellence Council.  As Chief of Staff for the California State Student Association (CSSA), Daniel dedicated much of his time representing the 427,000 students of the California State University System to the state legislature and federal government.  While volunteering for the past three years in the From Continuation to College program at Lopez Continuation High School, Daniel taught Sociology 101 to juniors and seniors.  Daniel promoted Cal Poly throughout his time as a student in his work as a Hometown Hero through Cal Poly’s School Visits and Presentations Committee (SVP), reaching thousands of students from his high school and others in the Riverside area.

Daniel graduated from Cal Poly in the spring of 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Minor in Spanish.  He will continue his studies at New York University in the fall of 2012 where he will pursue a Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs.
Katie Ferber
Broadcast Journalism & Ag Communications
Alumni-Fall 2011
(photo by David Jones)

“Katie the Intern” becomes
“Katie the Producer”

College of Liberal Arts

By Katie Ferber

I was lucky enough to land a job, a real big-kid job, as I was about to enter my final quarter as a Mustang.  Was it luck? Good timing? Hard work? I like to think it was a combination of all of the above; but one thing is certain. I would not have my job now if it weren’t for my internships or what I learned in my broadcast journalism and ag communication classes at Poly.

For two summers I spent my time at KCOY-TV in Santa Maria.  I was known as “Katie the Intern,” because I shared the same name as our former evening anchor.  The long, unpaid, hours seemed to fly by because I was doing what I loved to do.  Throughout my internship I got to do such a wide variety of things from reporting, to producing, to traveling around the Central Coast meeting interesting people.

Currently, I am the morning show producer at KCOY.  The hours are tough, I get in to the station at 11 p.m. and I leave at 7:30 in the morning, just as everyone else is starting their day. It’s a challenging job, but my time spent at Cal Poly and during my internships made me more than prepared for the position.

I am also fortunate enough to work with a great team, including one of my professors. It’s a great learning experience.


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