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Student Affairs

Office of the Vice President

2017-2022 Strategic Plan Goal 1

Nurture an inclusive campus community that stimulates learning across identities and affinities and creates a shared sense of connection, belonging and social responsibility.

Implement solutions to enhance a 24/7 residential campus community that promotes academic success

  • Expand Student Affairs' footprint, staffing and collaboration with campus partners to support student programming and service delivery that ensures campus is the focus of the student's Cal Poly experience.

  • Design and renovate residential facilities that enhance the delivery of high-quality programs and services integral to students’ academic success and personal development.
  • Partner with Academic Affairs to design faculty-student interaction programs within Student Affairs that support academic success outside the classroom.

Engage all students through Learn by Doing experiences outside the classroom

  • Centralize university-wide community service management within the Center for Service in Action.
  • Improve the delivery of personal development services to our student-athletes.
  • Collaborate with Academic Affairs to formalize academic-credit student internships within Student Affairs.
  • Enhance professional development training opportunities in Student Affairs for students to expand transferable employment skills.

Create more welcoming and inclusive co-curricular programs and services 

  • Collaborate with chief diversity officer and other campus partners to create a comprehensive diversity and inclusion training plan for faculty and staff.
  • Develop new programs and increase engagement for parents and supporters of first-generation students.
  • Create identity-based, pre-WOW groups to foster a sense of belonging and connection for underrepresented students.
  • Expand Cross Cultural Centers spaces, programs, and services to increase a sense of belonging for all students at Cal Poly.
  • Create a center that supports the religious and spiritual identities of students and provides programs and services for students to explore values, engage in dialogue and learn about opportunities for interfaith collaboration.
  • Expand gender-inclusive policies and infrastructure throughout campus.

Bolster school spirit for students, alumni and the community

  • Collaborate with university partners to build consistent knowledge, skills and best practices that promote a spirited Cal Poly brand throughout the university.
  • Build a culture of school pride through more active engagement of Cal Poly history and heritage.
  • Secure additional resources to expand recognized student clubs and organizations.
  • Create large group experiences throughout the student’s lifecycle to continue student engagement, school spirit and a sense of belonging after their first year.
  • Develop and implement new programs for students throughout their senior year that support future success and build strong connections with Cal Poly.
  • Promote Mustang spirit among alumni, parents and supporters with expanded programs, events and online engagement opportunities.


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