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Student Affairs

Office of the Vice President

2017-2022 Strategic Plan Goal 3

Commit to continuous improvement, innovative change and emerging technologies that enable our delivery of best-in-class services to all students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and the community.

Partner with university Information Technology Services to utilize technology to improve our service delivery and efficiencies

  • Develop integrated technology solutions for tracking constituent engagement in programs, services and events to measure service utilization, promote operational effectiveness, and drive continuous improvement.
  • Create technology lifecycle plans that support operational goals of each Student Affairs area in order to improve planning, documentation and accountability.
  • Execute technology solutions to promote and improve division-wide collaboration, efficiencies and information sharing.
  • Support technologies that automate our marketing and communication efforts in partnership with University Marketing to streamline communications delivery, increase personalized digital engagement, and improve impact to, and giving from, all constituent groups.

Research and execute division-wide reviews to ensure each department meets or exceeds national standards

  • Implement a division-wide program review, by department, based on standards established by the Council for the Advancement of Standards.
  • Utilize the American College Personnel Association/National Association of Student Personnel Administrators professional competencies in programming/services to promote student and staff growth from foundational to advanced proficiency levels.
  • Assess Student Affairs’ business operations alongside national benchmarks and business fundamentals to optimize resources.

Implement innovative technology solutions that support student success

  • Implement business intelligence tools that analyze data to measure learning outcomes, drive data-informed decision-making, and define the impact of Student Affairs on student success.
  • Utilize technology to expand delivery of programs and services that meet students’ mobile service needs.
  • Design engaging digital experiences for alumni to connect with one another and the campus community.

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