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How We Got Here Together

The process for developing this strategic plan was inclusive, consultative and collaborative. We began together in February 2013 with information gathering, data analysis, national best practices and benchmarking, current research and university strategic alignment. Our steering committee led the long-term strategic forecasting and plan development with five strategic action teams and input from partners throughout the university.

In an effort to be broadly consultative throughout this process, participation was solicited in a variety of ways, including:

  • Leadership Circles: Four groups gathered insights from every level throughout the division
  • Strategy Summit: Three-day strategic planning and team alignment sessions led by an external consultant
  • Strategic A-Teams: Five Action Teams focused on addressing key themes from Strategy Summit
  • Surveys and Polling: Data and insights collected throughout the process
  • Student Affairs Recharge: Quarterly programs to engage all Student Affairs staff members
  • Steering Committee Think Tank: Student Affairs senior executive team led the process
  • Engagement of Faculty and Students: Collaboration and feedback shaped the plan

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