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Implementing and Measuring Success

In order for this strategic plan to be successful, the implementation framework will be built into each Student Affairs department/program budget and planning process. This Student Affairs Strategic Plan will also be reviewed each year in conjunction with the budget recommendation process.

Strategic Plan initiatives are assigned to division-wide leaders who will deliver results and make recommendations to the plan as needed. A strategic planning website for Student Affairs will be developed and updated periodically to track progress on initiatives. Quarterly progress reports will be provided to the Vice President for Student Affairs, and an annual report on success will be created for the university president.

A Student Affairs Advisory Council will be created to help address future needs and shape action plans moving forward.

Resources to Ensure Success

To support the goals and initiatives outlined in this strategic plan, several approaches may be implemented to secure resources needed, including:

  • Private funding and support  
  • Services and fees in self-support programs 
  • Allocation of Student Success Fees
  • Auxiliary organization contributions
  • Investment of Student Affairs funds

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