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Timeline to Launch

2017-22 Strategic Plan: Timeline to Launch

click here to download the strategic plan timeline (pdf)

Timeline Part 1: April 2016 - April 2017

Timeline Details, Part 1

Senior Student Affairs Leadership Retreat (April 2016)

Strategic visioning for desired future state of Student Affairs in 2022, including themes and outcomes.

Campus-wide Engagement Circles (May - July 2016)

Led by SA Leaders, Circles engage staff, students and faculty representatives for input on:
  • What we need to get to this vision?
  • How will students change over next five years?
  • What will student life be like in five years?
  • What will students and campus require from Student Affairs in five years?
  • If we did this better than anyplace else, what would it look like? (Included 88 staff, 32 students and 19 

(Included 88 staff, 32 students and 19 faculty in the 2016 Engagement Circles).

Leadership Strategy Summit (August 2016)

SA Leadership Team collaborates to determine what we need to Avoid, Achieve, Preserve and Eliminate to reach desired state vision and uncover themes to address in strategic planning. (Emerging themes listed on reverse.)

Strategic Plan Development (September 2016 - April 2017)

Strategic Plan Steering Committee develops division-wide goals (aligned with University Strategic Plan, Graduation Initiatives and SA mission, vision and values), imperatives that support these goals and measurable initiatives/action plans that drive imperatives.
All Student Affairs staff will contribute ideas and input for priorities and action steps at the annual Fall Recharge program. Other constituent groups, including parents, student leaders and academic senate will be engaged to provide feedback and input throughout the early stages of plan development in Fall 2016.


Timeline Part 2: May 2017 - October 2017

Timeline Details, Part 2

Final Edits and Approvals (May - June 2017)

Strategic Plan content final editing and approvals for publishing.

Publication & Communications Campaign (July - August 2017)

Multi-media design and publication initiates. Develop comprehensive communication plan for all constituent groups through multiple platform delivery.

Plan Launch and Implementation (September - August 2017)

Execute communication plan with senior campus leadership at forefront. Launch plan to SA division early September 2017 (before Fall Quarter), launch to campus at start of Fall 2017, and launch first year initiatives beginning Oct 2017.
(Updated on September 15, 2017)

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