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Student Affairs promotes student success throughout the Cal Poly experience by providing Learn by Doing opportunities, delivering innovative student-centered programs, encouraging personal growth, and empowering our students within a safe, healthy, inclusive and supportive environment.  

Student Success Fees (SSF) are designed to support students with high-quality academic and student-life programs. These fees get prioritized based on the students' needs such as accessing more classes, labs, counselors, and programs to enhance the students' experiences. The Student Success Fee Allocation Advisory Committee advises the university president on how to allocate SSF funds based on current priorities. The majority of the committee is comprised of students and is co-chaired by the ASI President and Vice President for Administration and Finance.


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Student Affairs Initiatives

Campus Health and Wellbeing

Developing a unified approach to wellbeing on campus by incorporating physical, career, social, community and financial wellbeing will help meet students’ diverse needs more successfully as they complete their academic field of study. This approach will support student success by improving student wellbeing in every area at one location and relieve some of the demand on direct services in Health & Counseling that are currently impacted.

Closing the Enrollment, Retention and Graduation Gap

Expanding the current multi-cultural center into a more vibrant Cross-Cultural Center will help address individual student identity issues and support student success from enrollment to graduation in a co-located. Culturally relevant retention efforts will be developed to help close the retention and graduation gap of underrepresented students to ensure a more diverse student body and support the promise of graduation that is made at the time of admission is met.

Student Care, Support and Assistance, Dean of Students

This proposal funds Assistant Dean of Student roles that directly support student needs to improve student retention, success and graduation by providing support and assistance when students encounter difficulty that requires support beyond traditional university support services. To meet increased demand for services and to allow colleges to focus on providing academic support, the Assistant Deans will be assigned to specific colleges.

First Impact Career Development

Early intervention related to the career planning process is one of the most important “first impact” decisions a student faces in their first-year college experience. This proposal provides funding to deliver Career Services to Cal Poly students during their first year to help clarify major selection, develop career objectives and create a 4-year career development plans to help improve graduation, promote retention and achieve career goals. It is significant that changing majors often delays graduation by two or more quarters; moreover a lack of clarity on a future career path creates mounting pressure on students impacting their ability to integrate successfully and move forward.

Expand Career Services

Career Services support students’ success throughout their Cal Poly experiences and into professional life. Demand for these services has reached critical levels, causing students to wait 2-3 weeks to see a Career Counselor, long lines and limited service. This proposal will provide necessary fund to offer extended evening hours to accommodate student’s class schedules, reduce the waiting period to receive counseling, provide dedicated counselors for each academic college, and integrate and innovative career portfolio system to equip Cal Poly graduates with a Career Portfolio that will help them showcase their academic, co-curricular and leadership experiences and achievements to increase their success in the job search and graduate school admissions process.

Jobs, Jobs, & More Jobs

SA_JobsAs a campus of choice for many employers, Cal Poly generally attracts employers that seek interns and graduates with business and engineering backgrounds. This trend, natural for a polytechnic institution, has left multiple areas of study with insufficient access to professional opportunities. To support student success for all students, Career Services must develop a new base of employers that would better represent the entire range of Cal Poly majors. This proposal provides funding to grow internship and career opportunities, targeting a more diverse range of jobs for traditionally underserved students (Arts, Humanities and Sciences). Job Developers create partnerships with employers in key California metro markets that can support the University and our goal of producing more Cal Poly graduates for California. This initiative has the ability to generate revenues and return SSF funds for reallocation over time.

Expand Access to Instructional Materials for Students with Disabilities

Providing access and accommodation for students with disabilities is critical to student success. This proposal will ensure students with disabilities (i.e., blind, low vision, learning disability) have access to all instructional materials (textbooks, videos, class syllabi, library materials and readers) at the same time as non-disabled students by converting printed materials into Braille, electronic, audio, & large print formats.

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