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2017-22 Strategic Plan Progress Reports

initiative OUTCOMES status

Expand Student Affairs' footprint, staffing and collaboration with campus partners to support student programming and service delivery that ensures campus is the focus of the student's Cal Poly experience.

  • Established residential learning communities, including affinity- and identity-based communities, for EOP, Cal Poly Scholars, Cross Cultural Scholars and TRIO Achievers.

  • Increased spaces where students can study, socialize, and host meetings.

  • Centralized program and service offerings, including tutoring and career advising. 

  • Developed centralized display of resources on the Cal Poly Now app.

In progress

Partner with Academic Affairs to design faculty-student interaction programs within Student Affairs that support academic success outside the classroom.

Together with Academic Affairs, hired three Faculty in Residence to help support academic success and increase student access to faculty outside of the classroom.

In progress

Improve the delivery of personal development services to our student-athletes.

Established "Habitudes," a required university course to improve retention, increase academic success and promote life skills among first-year student-athletes.


Collaborate with chief diversity officer and other campus partners to create a comprehensive diversity and inclusion training plan for faculty and staff.

Created a partnership with the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion to collaborate on diversity and inclusion trainings and other efforts to ensure success for students and the Cal Poly community at large.

In progress

Develop new programs and increase engagement for parents and supporters of first-generation students.

Hosted Somos Mustangs, an engagement event to support first-generation Cal Poly families and their students.

In progress

Create identity-based, pre-WOW groups to foster a sense of belonging and connection for underrepresented students.

Implemented Creating Opportunities for Representative Engagement (CORE) in Fall 2018, a pre-Week-of-Welcome effort to help underrepresented first-time and transfer students foster a sense of belonging and connection at Cal Poly.


Expand Cross Cultural Centers spaces, programs, and services to increase a sense of belonging for all students at Cal Poly.

Began construction on the new Multicultural Center space, located on the first floor of the University Union. The new center, a collaboration between the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), the Cross Cultural Centers, and the Office of the Dean of Students, opened in Winter 2019.


Expand gender-inclusive policies and infrastructure throughout campus.

Through collaboration with campus partners, developed recommendations and identified needs to enhance gender inclusion in areas such as violence prevention education, technology, and infrastructure.

In progress

Collaborate with university partners to build consistent knowledge, skills and best practices that promote a spirited Cal Poly brand throughout the university.

Created an action plan that will inspire a more spirited, cohesive university brand through increased staff training and collaboration.

In progress

Develop and implement new programs for students throughout their senior year that support future success and build strong connections with Cal Poly.

Connected more than 250 students and alumni at three Alumni-Student Career Mixers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley.

In progress

initiative OUTCOMES status

Expand tutoring, advising and supplemental instruction in partnership with Academic Affairs.

Identified additional funding needs for academic advisors focused on student-athletes.

In progress

Create additional avenues of academic, personal and financial support for first-generation, low-income, transfer and foster youth.

  • Launched the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Transfer Bridge Program to help transfer students transition successfully to Cal Poly.

  • Created the EOP Book Lending Library so that students without the financial resources can check out textbooks.

  • Established a residential learning community within University Housing for Educational Opportunity Program, TRIO Achievers, and Cal Poly Scholars students.

  • Block enrolled first-time, first-year students in Ethnic Studies 112.

  • Participated in National Transfer Student Week to help transfers connect to the services and resources needed to succeed in their new environment.

In progress

Partner with Administration and Finance to design campus environments, procedures and policies that support health and wellbeing for our Cal Poly community.

Instituted a campus-wide smoke/tobacco free policy in coordination with Administration and Finance.

In Progress

Lead Cal Poly to become a model campus for students' basic needs security, including access to healthy food and stable housing.

Secured $130,000 CSU grant to support basic needs services for students.

In progress

Innovate university-wide prevention programs, practices and services for substance use, violence and suicide.

Identified the need to conduct additional research on best practices for substance abuse, violence, and suicide prevention, education, and outreach.

In progress

Expand mentorship opportunities for alumni to engage with current students.

Collaborated with four academic colleges and Alumni Relations to launch Cal Poly Career Connections, an online mentoring platform designed to connect alumni with students.


Create structure to connect alumni with current Cal Poly clubs, organizations and affinity groups on campus.

Required clubs to submit active member rosters to help Alumni Relations track club affinity.

Develop and implement a Global Citizen Leadership Series that prepares students for the challenges and needs of society, including globalization, interdependence and multiculturalism. Launched a four-week Global Leadership Series where students explored personal, local, national, and global issues within leadership. Participants identified the knowledge, skills, and awareness necessary to navigate these different contexts and created their own Contextual Leadership Plan.  Eleven students completed the series in 2019-20, earning the Global Leadership Series Certificate. Completed

Ensure all leadership training programs cultivate an appreciation for cultural and human differences and increase awareness and knowledge of a leader's potential and professional roles in contributing to positive social change.

  • Partnered with the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion, to provide diversity and inclusion education for new fraternity and sorority members in Fall 2018 and Winter 2019.

  • Collaborated with the Cross Cultural Centers and the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion, to begin a quarterly training series for all Greek students during Fall 2018 and Winter 2019.

  • Hosted the Lawrence Ross lecture event, “Blackballed: The Black and White Politics of Race on Americas Campuses” in November, 2018. Approximately half of the Cal Poly Greek community attended the lecture.

  • Hosted Hazing Prevention Week in November, 2018. The weeklong event included five days of educational events and activities, as well as a required hazing prevention education module for student leaders.     

  • Collaborated with Safer on quarterly trainings for all Greek members during the Fall and Winter quarters of the 2018-19 academic year. Spring quarter trainings included case studies led by diversity and inclusion chairpersons of each Greek chapter.

  • Worked with a group of faculty and staff to review each Cal Poly Greek chapter's diversity and inclusion plan and provide feedback.

  • Created a new Equity and Inclusion Coordinator position in Fraternity & Sorority Life, with a projected start date of Summer 2019.

In progress

Nurture and enhance a robust and consistent on-boarding program to welcome new Student Affairs staff and provide a foundation for success.

Established a new Student Affairs on-boarding program that provided orientation training for 120 new staff members.


Expand professional development opportunities to motivate staff and build capabilities around diversity, inclusion and social justice.

Began the process of developing a diversity and inclusion guide to support supervisors and staff in setting professional development goals.

In progress

initiative OUTCOMES status

Develop integrated technology solutions for tracking constituent engagement in programs, services and events to measure service utilization, promote operational effectiveness, and drive continuous improvement.

Researched and recommended university-wide implementation of the EAB platform to track and measure campus engagements.


Implement a division-wide program review, by department, based on standards established by the Council for the Advancement of Standards.

Implemented a division-wide program review process and departmental rotation cycle; Conducted three pilot studies with Disability Resource Center, Wellness and Health Education, and Fraternity and Sorority Life.

In progress

Assess Student Affairs’ business operations alongside national benchmarks and business fundamentals to optimize resources.

Developed a plan to survey Student Affairs staff in order to track and optimize division business operations.


Implement business intelligence tools that analyze data to measure learning outcomes, drive data-informed decision-making, and define the impact of Student Affairs on student success.

Launched Campus Labs, a business intelligence tool that analyzes data to measure learning outcomes, drive data-informed decision-making, and show program impacts on student success.


initiative OUTCOMES status

Develop and support plans to nurture student philanthropic values and giving throughout the Cal Poly experience.

Provided Philanthropy education to orientation leaders, created a campus meal donation program, and hosted food and clothing drives.

In progress

Expand the network of alumni chapters to increase alumni participation.

Added Pride Alumni chapter and increased overall chapter event attendance by 10 percent.

In progress
Develop a Cal Poly Career Advisory Board with key corporate leaders to drive deeper employer engagement opportunities on campus.

Hosted the Employee of the Future Summit to support students with the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to be ready for career and life.

Fall 2018

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