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Cal Poly Student Affairs Advisory Council Bylaws

Updated on June 8, 2015


The formal name of the Council shall be the California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo Student Affairs Advisory Council. The structure of the Council, its activities and its meetings, will follow the Council bylaws. The bylaws will be reviewed no less than once every two years. Changes in the bylaws require approval by a simple majority of the Council.

The Vice President for Student Affairs coordinates Council activities and has the responsibility to integrate Council actions with the division. The Vice President for Student Affairs is appointed to serve as the official University representative and spokesperson, is responsible for appointing Council members and integrating Council actions.


The Council will:

  1. Provide advice and counsel in long-range planning for Student Affairs advancement activities, programs and services.
  1. Aid in the formulation and promotion of advancement goals and objectives and communication plans.
  2. Serve as Student Affairs ambassadors to various constituent groups, including: alumni, parents, employers, community members, students, faculty and others.
  3. Encourage and support maximum involvement in the activities for the division and University-wide events.
  4. Assist Student Affairs in identifying and cultivating parents, alumni, employers, community members and others to support the mission and advancement priorities of Student Affairs.


The Council shall consist of up to 25 members. Each member will have one vote. Council members shall be interested in strengthening and advocating for Cal Poly Student Affairs.

The Vice President for Student Affairs, who appoints members to the Council, will strive for all forms of diversity in membership. Individuals who have expressed an interest in the Council may be invited to join and membership shall be for a two-year term. A term extension may be granted at the discretion of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Vice President for Student of Affairs or his/her designee will make final approval and appointment to the Council.

As members of the California Polytechnic State University community, Student Affairs Advisory Council members are expected to subscribe to the ideals in the California State University Statement on Non-discrimination, which follows:

“The California State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, disability, national origin, age, genetic information, religion, veteran status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation in its programs and activities.”


Council meetings shall be held no less than twice annually, in the Summer and Winter quarters of the academic year. Council meetings and special meetings can be called on an as-needed basis. The Vice President for Student Affairs staff shall manage all affairs and business between meetings.

Members who are not in attendance for two consecutive meetings are asked to advise the Vice President for Student Affairs staff as to their intent to continue as a member of the Council. Members who miss three meetings can be relieved from Council Membership at the discretion of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

The Vice President for Student Affairs staff shall keep minutes of each meeting, distribute them to all Council members within two weeks of the meeting, and prepare and disseminate all Council communications. A copy of the minutes will be electronically posted on the Student Affairs Advisory Council web portal.


A quorum shall consist of not less than 50% plus one of the voting memberships of the Council for the purposes of meeting attendance and to ratify Council decisions, including ratification of changes to these bylaws.


The Council shall have two officers: Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs after a selection. The Chair will facilitate all meetings. The Vice-Chair shall act as Chair in the event of absence or inability of the Chair to serve. In considering the Chair and Vice-Chair nominees, the Council will strive for a balance of representation from constituent and geographic areas. The Chair and Vice-Chair positions will serve one-year terms with the possibility of one-year extensions upon recommendation and approval by the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Vice-Chair will move into the Chair position at end of the academic year. The new Vice-Chair will be announced at the spring meeting.


Committees shall be established if and as needed. The Chair names committees.


Council members fulfill the following duties and responsibilities.

  1. Provide and secure resources for the division of Student Affairs by identifying potential supporters, hosting events, and/or taking on special projects.
  2. Advise and alert the Vice President for Student Affairs and advancement personnel about possible development opportunities.
  3. Accompany and aid the Vice President for Student Affairs and/or advancement personnel on solicitations when appropriate.
  4. Assist in recruiting new council members and leadership.
  5. Connect the Vice President of Student Affairs to others who may be interested in getting involved or desire to learn more about Student Affairs.

The Council does not serve as an arbiter or mediator in issues involving the faculty, staff, students or university administration nor does the Council participate in personnel decisions except as specifically requested by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

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