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Division-wide Goals

The Student Affairs Strategic Plan supports the mission and key principles of Cal Poly and is aligned with the strategic framework, imperatives and institutional priorities for the university. This final strategic plan presents three broad division-wide goals with specific initiatives for the next 36 months.

Student Affairs will deliver on this strategic plan and has developed mechanisms to assess progress and success for each initiative in order to reach these established goals. A suite of approaches for securing necessary financial support is also presented to ensure the success of our initiatives.

Cal Poly Student Affairs will:


  1. Develop and expand programs/services that strengthen student success through data-driven and data-supported decisions
    • ​​Expand the Student Affairs assessment and research infrastructure
    • Develop assessment standards, practices and tools to clearly identify the needs of students and for all Student Affairs  programs and services
    • Develop learning outcomes for all Student Affairs departments and programs
  2. Develop a multi-year plan to forecast resources that support a residential campus community
    • ​​Create a three-year staffing plan to project needs to support enrollment projections         
    • Collaborate on the campus-wide Master Plan to include space needs for effective Student Affairs program delivery, including student spaces
    • Develop a progressive approach to campus dining that supports health and wellness needs for our entire campus community

  3. Drive continuous improvement through staff development and ongoing performance support
    • ​​Develop a comprehensive professional development curriculum for our division
    • Design and implement a consistent staff orientation and onboarding program with resource toolkits to be implemented for all Student Affairs departments/programs
      Create Innovation Awards to encourage and recognize staff for ideas, solutions and improvements to Student Affairs programming and service delivery
  4. Implement technological solutions to advance our service delivery to students
    • Expand the efforts of Career Services to utilize technology and innovative    models of student career development
    • Collaborate with campus Information Technology Services (ITS) to design and execute technology solutions that address key business priorities for Student Affairs, including information access/collection, events management, workplace support, communications, assessment and delivery
      of services
    • Create a vibrant Student Affairs presence on the Cal Poly App that increases student access to services, programs and support


  1. Expand programs and services that support student retention and academic success
    • Bolster efforts around student care management to include expansion of the
      Dean of Students Office role in support of a wide range of student crises
    • Expand participation in Soar orientation programs by offering block scheduling
    • Increase access to instructional materials for students with disabilities
    • Build the four-year engagement curriculum for Cal Poly Scholars
    • Expand learning support services through our Academic Skills Center to deliver cutting-edge academic support and retention programs to more
  2. Advance student preparation for career and post-graduate aspirations
    • Create programs to engage students their first year to help promote retention and achieve career goals, clarify major selection, develop career objectives, and create career development plans to help improve graduation rates
    • Expand Career Services to increase access to services, offer extended hours, and bolster programs and support for each academic college
  3. Design opportunities for all students to encounter diverse people, ideas and experiences
    • Create a model for a cross-cultural center that helps Cal Poly enroll diverse students and facilitates their successful degree completion
    • Design and implement a dynamic speaker series to spark dialogue, challenge assumptions, and open new ways of thinking
  4. Lead campus-wide commitment for community well-being
    • Develop a unified approach to well-being on campus, including the visioning of appropriate facilities
    • Develop successful party registration and management practices for clubs, organizations, fraternities and sororities
    • Implement and evaluate effectiveness of Cal Poly’s response to off-campus
      violations that impact a student's health, wellness and academic success
  5. Build student leadership capabilities through Learn by Doing experiences and co-curricular programs
    • Develop a campus-wide approach to student leadership development that   complements what exists in segmented areas around campus
    • Build student leadership opportunities in which students discover their strengths


  1. Engage parents and family supporters throughout the Cal Poly student experience
    • Collaborate across the campus to develop and execute a targeted engagement strategy for parents and family supporters from orientation through graduation
  2. Enhance communication to raise awareness of Student Affairs' impact on student success
    • Expand Student Affairs marketing and communications infrastructure in collaboration with University Advancement
    • Develop and execute a Student Affairs marketing and communications strategy and branding campaign to include all departments and programs within Student Affairs
    • Demonstrate the value of Student Affairs to key stakeholders, especially faculty and parents, to Cal Poly’s retention and graduation goals
  3. Build successful relationships on campus and within our community to encourage student growth and achievement
    • Enhance community outreach programs and build student citizenship in collaboration with local organizations
    • Create a Student Affairs Advisory Council to help realize the vision of Student Affairs
    • Integrate Universal Design principles into programs, services, activities and facilities (
    • Design and deliver commencement ceremonies to celebrate students’ achievement and continue a meaningful bond with Cal Poly after graduation
    • Expand partnerships with Academic Affairs through faculty involvement on task forces, selection committees and program development
  4. Develop new revenue streams that grow funding for Student Affairs programs and services
    • Expand the Student Affairs advancement infrastructure to target the Student Affairs priorities in the Comprehensive Campaign
    • Solidify the partnership with University Advancement around our shared contributions to improving parent relations and giving
    • Promote a culture of support, philanthropy and community engagement with parents, alumni, employers, students and the greater community
  5. Strengthen and expand corporate partnerships for campus-wide success
    • Partner with key employers to grow internship and career opportunities for Cal Poly graduates 

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